Welcome to Cactus Mama

person-centered mental health support that is affordable, accessible and acceptable.

Mental Health Resources

It’s time to get help if you’re experiencing persistent or severe mental health challenges, whether as an individual or group.

Current Projects

Take a look at our numerous projects we have successfully carried out over the period for the community.

Our Partners

Our partners have worked with us to deliver more creative, innovative and effective ways to carry our our objectives.

Our Mission

Availing every youth and woman in Kenya dealing with mental health challenges a person-centered mental health care that is affordable, accessible and acceptable.

Why Choose us

We are Professionals

Every mental health specialist on Cactus Mama Telemental are qualified counselors and psychologists, delivering professional level of care to you and your family.

Affordable Services

We are one of the most affordable mental health therapy organization that you can find in Kenya. Get flexible plans on your therapy today.

We are discreet and confidential

We run our services 24/7 to ensure help is available at the privacy of your own space. You will be able to connect with your therapist at a click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

Faith Kipkemboi & Natalie Jandii

Founder & Co-Founder.