Who we Are

Cactus Mama is a community-based organization that aims to bridge the gap of mental health care in Kenya through person-centered mental health care. We aim to better youth and maternal mental health services in Kenya through availing affordable, accessible, and acceptable person-centered care. We collaborate and partner with organizations and individuals in seeking evidence-based mental health care that is timely, culturally sensitive, and relevant to Kenyan youth and women. 

Our Mission

Availing every youth and woman in Kenya dealing with mental health challenges a person-centered mental health care that is affordable, accessible and acceptable.

Our Vision

Connecting Kenyan youth and women to easy to reach mental health services

Our Values







What we Believe in

  • Mental health is fundamental to achieving a healthy, balanced, and productive life.
  • Treatment offers a powerful return on investment and treatment does work if used appropriately. With treatment options, what was only hope in the past is quickly becoming a reality. We will persistently advocate for treatment and services for those who need them.
  • We must promote community understanding of mental illness to combat stigma and lead in encouraging people living with the illness to seek help.
  • The goal of treatment is recovery
  • It is important for people living with mental illness to be an integral part of their recovery process – decisions, programs, support groups, medication regimens.
  • We fulfill our mission most effectively when we collaborate with others and when we actively look for partners to achieve our goals.

Our Clients & Partners

A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy.

Client Testimonials