Our Services

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Personalized phone triage and in-person or telecounselling zoom session

Group Counseling

Therapeutic session for 6-8 persons in -person or via Tele counseling zoom room

Referral Service

We link you to a mental health profession near you

Nutrition Consultation

We offer free one-time consultation for nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum. Thereafter, consultations are at a minimal fee. We give reference resources for support ie – brochures, videos, etc for reference

Pregnancy and Postpartum Essentials

For vulnerable women and girls, we donate essential items needed during pregnancy and/or postpartum. Call us for more information

Stress Management and Resilience

We offer therapeutic resources and train you with coping mechanisms, resilience and relaxation techniques that can help you when stressed and through your life

Online Yoga classes:

We offer a free week of yoga experience and affordable subscriptions thereafter. Look out for future yoga events


Mental Health Certification

We link you with our partnering institutions to certify you as a mental health practitioner whether you are nurse, doctor, activist or community health worker 

Mental Health Awareness

We run health promotion events to educate managers, staff and students on mental wellness

Trauma-Centered Care

We sensitize health care professionals and service providers on trauma-centred practice to foster safe, holistic and healing interactions